Our company was founded with the intention to market, through stores and through the e-commerce, important and prestigious brands that treat professional workwear including the leader company in the industry “Goeldlin Collection”.

Goeldlin Collection was born in 1989 thanks to the technical and entrepreneurial skills of its founder Antonio Goeldlin.

Immediately the craft shop became known and rinamed for the careful attention to details, for the quality of the fabrics, for the perfect modeling, result of constant stylistic research in step with fashion, and for the great ductility in meeting every single costumer’s request, becoming one of the leading company in Campania.

These selections and the high professionality strenghten the Goeldlin Collection making it a dynamic company for direct marketing to follow in the best way the several needs of a large clientele.

The Goeldlin Collection produces professional clothing of quality and at very competitive prices, thanks to seasonal offers or additional discounts with the customer for the purpose agreed.

The range adopted is varied for the production of professional clothing with the industry accident-prevention, professional technical clothing CE certified, but also civil protection clothing, forest fire fighting, rain clothing and high visibility, flame-retardant, in fustian, anti-entanglement, beyond the knitwear with its wide assortment

Production also continues in the hotel school, healthcare and hospital sector.

In addition, all garments have a wide range of colors and accessories for all types of use: personal protective equipment (face masks, glasses, gloves for each use, technical footwear with punctual and foil... and much more), hats, scarves, ties, tights, socks, classic or comfortable footwear, etc...

The basic aim of the Goeldlin Collection is to include in the professional clothing sector the concept of fashion through a constant stylistic research that allows to create models that have practicality, comfort, and elegance, beautiful thanks to meticulous details, sparkling in the choice of materials and accessories: jewelry buttons, pasta or swarovski buttons, exclusive seams with anti-bleaching yarn, no-ironing fabrics.

For the Goeldlin Collection, the production of garments is certainly aimed at the technical-stylistic aspect, to meet the needs of each individual customer from the functional point of view, but not indifferent to carefully observe the constant change in fashion. All these details have helped to place the company at the top of the Regional and National production, promoting it as an official supplier of prestigious supermarket chains, an established supplier of all IPSSAR hotel institutions in Campania and beyond. Choice, again, which provider of popular TV Fiction such as: i Cesaroni, Un medico in famiglia, La scelta di Laura, Donna detective, RIS delitti imperfetti, Caterina e le sue figlie, Benvenuti a Tavola and many others, promoted by the companies Endemol and Mediaset.

These prerogatives have always distinguished the Goeldlin Collection.